Comparison of Exora MPV

I have been quite excited since the Proton Exora launch because I have been feeling short of choices for a sub RM100k MPV, with sincere, proper design and configurations I mean.

Before Proton Exora made it to the arena, I actually made comparisons in and out for different models within the same pricing bracket only to find that most models are built too commercial (except for Toyota Innova), these so called "affordable" MPVs showed a lot of obvious reasons for the marketable price tag, hence they are shrunk in size especially in width dimensions, in fact even new sedans can no longer carry 5 adults comfortably compared to the days of Proton Wira.

I had some good chances to be a passenger inside every row of shortlisted options such as Grand Livina, Avanza, Rondo, Innova and finally Exora, results are interesting as only Innova and Exora meets my criteria which is somewhat simple as follows:
- evenly allocated, reasonable legroom for each row
- lay-back friendly seats and headrests
- full air-conditioning for each row
- ability to accomodate 7 average-sized adults, not kids
- 2nd row occupants didn't have to rub shoulders
- 3rd row occupants didn't have to rub shoulders and knees
- ABS equipped as minimum
- a quiet, sound-proofed cabin
- classy interior design

A true 7-seater is not as simple as having 7 chairs, but matters most in the area of "7 sets of comfortable seating" where you don't feel tight or sweat anywhere within that vehicle, under the hot sun of course.

I cannot comment on power output yet as Exora manual transmission is only available for test drive from Aug15 onwards (its too heavy for a mitsubishi automatic transmission at 1600cc, though many laymen may mistaken it for gearbox problem due to gear-hunting or always-2nd-gear behaviour), but the chart below gave some very useful information, credit goes to Paul Tan.

(Some extra info: the upcoming Perodua's version of Toyota Passo Sette measures 4,180mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,620mm tall, which does not really meet my requirements)

Hopefully I will be able to inherit more judgements after the test drive session, and to write something up here.

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